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Laser range finder

Just measure a distance. This is much faster and more precise with laser rangefinders than with a tape measure and folding rule. Not only professionals rely on these devices, DIY enthusiasts also love the smart technology. "The devices are suitable for anyone who has something to measure," says Olaf Heckmann, Technical Manager at Laserliner. The Laserliner brand has stood for innovative and high-quality measurement technology since 1992. Rangefinders have been an integral part of the product world for many years. The precise measuring devices are used to determine and record distances.

Where are laser range finders used?

Determination of large distances

Laser rangefinders are mainly used indoors. Professionals mainly use them in large halls where the classic tape measure reaches its limits. "In dry construction, working without a laser rangefinder is no longer conceivable," explains Janine Becker from the Axel Becker dry construction company. “Before walls are put up, we always use a distance meter. In this way, we can avoid inaccuracies and know exactly where to put the wall.” After all, efficiency is always important in the trade. When measuring with a tape measure or folding rule, at least one other person must help at greater distances. "In most cases, one person is completely sufficient for working with the laser range finder," continues site manager Janine Becker. A clear advantage.

Recording of room sizes

Tilers and painters in particular often work alone. For them, the laser rangefinder offers another advantage, because they can use it to determine areas and volumes - ideal for recording room sizes and calculating material quantities.



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